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Archivo de los acentos del español como lengua extranjera.
(L2 Spanish produced by different L1 speakers)

«How do we recognize where the speaker comes from?»

Aim: Collection of different “foreign accents” for teaching and research purposes.
Examples: Slovak, Russian, BR Portuguese, Italian, Greek, German, AM English, Czech

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Teaching and Modeling L2 Spanish and L2 Italian Intonation

Keywords: Intonation; L2 Spanish; L2 Italian; AM-Model; methods
Main cooperation: Laura Colantoni, Wendy Elvira-García, Frank Kügler, Trudel Meisenburg

Description and modeling of intonation of Costa Rican Spanish

This work forms a part of the corpus project (Inter-)Fonología del Español Contemporáneo ((I)FEC), which aims to document both the phonic variation in the Spanish-speaking world and the pronunciation of Spanish as an L2 and a foreign lan-guage in different learner groups (see Pustka et al. 2017). The data of this Spanish variety were collected in March 2018 in San José with the support of the Universidad de Costa Rica.

Keywords: Costa Rican Spanish; Intonation; AM-Model
Main cooperation: Prof. Trudel Meisenburg (Osnabrück University) and Jessica López (Universidad de Costa Rica)

Czech ToBI and modeling Czech intonation

Keywords: Tone and Break Indices; Annotation of prosody; Czech language; Accentual (phrase) language; AM-Model. First proposal presented at Phonetics and Phonology in Europe 2017. Find the presentation here.

Pešková, Andrea (accepted): “The Intonational Phonology of Czech.” In Sun-Ah Jun (Ed.): Prosodic Typology III: The Phonology of Intonation and Phrasing. Oxford: Oxford University Press.